Since the real-estate Business roils, Re/Max president Jobs confidence

The explosive increase in the amount of property representatives in Ontario has left too many people dabbling in the profession, reducing the standard of service and exceeding the business’s future relevance, based on Re/Max Integra president Walter Schneider.

Mr. Schneider, whose franchise firm oversees all Re/Max operations in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, said tens of thousands of new realtors have become licensed in the Greater Toronto Area over recent years since markets have boomed, but many do too little business to accrue the expertise needed to guide clients through complex transactions. read more

Do Not buy your next car, SUV or truck without reading this

For the net at its best, consider researching your next vehicle purchase. There is great information available free of charge on nearly every aspect of choosing the ideal vehicle.

Let us begin with fuel consumption. Natural Resources Canada has a manual for and for vehicles from . For safety ratings, have a look at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s going back to 2004. There is also a list of annually. read more

Why your car loan could prevent you getting a credit card

  • Debra, 56, turned down because she had a loan for her £26,000 Mini Cooper S
  • Car finance is booming with drivers borrowing a record £31.6bn last year
  • But drivers may run into trouble if they want a card, loan or even a mortgage

A bank customer with an exemplary borrowing record has been turned down for a credit card by her bank because she had taken out a car loan.

Debra Westowski was told by her bank, Santander, that she couldn’t have a credit card even though she had paid off her mortgage and had a good income. read more

Is your home or income property insured when it’s vacant?

A recent Alberta court ruling is a jarring reminder to homeowners and landlords to ensure they are onside with the requirements of their property insurance policies, particularly those regarding vacancy.

, which was released by the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench last month, concerned a man who in 2011 bought an income property in the town of Westlock, just north of Edmonton. Immediately after his purchase, he bought property insurance and rented out the home to a married couple. read more

Small Business Saturday’s back: get £5 off your Amex bill

  • Spend £10 or more on your Amex credit card and get £5 back for each participating store you support 
  • Cashback on offer for purchases made between 2 and 17 December
  • Full list of local authorities offering free parking below 

It’s Small Business Saturday tomorrow – a day that celebrates the best our independent shops and firms have to offer.

And with the day being promoted by American Express, those with a card can benefit. 

Stock up on Christmas presents from local independent shops this weekend and you’ll get £5 off your Amex bill for each one you support. read more

Is the death of the airline credit card on the horizon?

  • 75% of the UK’s airline credit card line up has now been wiped out
  • Move is all down to new rules around the ‘interchange fees’ – we explain what happened and why 

MBNA has withdrawn eight of its airline rewards credit cards, including its Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and American Airlines cards, leaving slim pickings for anyone looking to use their credit card spending to earn free flights and ticket upgrades.

The move wipes out 75 per cent of the UK’s airline credit card line up – leaving just the Avios rewards cards from Lloyds and American Express and one from Flybe.   read more

Equifax says number of Canadians affected by hack Moves 19,000

Equifax Canada has revised the amount of Canadians caught up in a gigantic data breach earlier this season, saying an investigation has discovered that over 19,000 were affected.

The business previously said about 8,000 Canadian clients had their personal information compromised in the cyber attack, but could not say how many extra credit cards were impacted throughout the nation. read more

‘I Am a conservative investor, but I Am open to Property’

An 81-year-old self-described conservative investor says his concern is protecting his chief. His preference would be to invest in guaranteed investment certificates, but prices are low. Because of this, he is open to property.

I believe this could be a mistake, and so does Bev Moir, senior wealth advisor at ScotiaMcleod at Toronto. Ms. Moir recently responded to by the 81-year-old investor at a forum on a site for advisers. “I would not recommend property … because it is illiquid, and prices may be in the high end of this cycle,” Ms.Moir wrote. Well said. read more