1930s ‘knockdown’ listed for $2.4-million typical in Vancouver’s pricey housing market

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It’s missing a few shingles, the bathroom wall shows some rot and it needs a paint job, but a tiny home in a tony Vancouver neighbourhood has been listed for nearly $2.4-million – a price experts say sums up the state of the city’s housing market. read more

Vancouver’s million-dollar housing divide shifts eastward

The Vancouver real estate market is being blanketed by a record rate of single-family detached houses assessed at $1-million or higher.

More than 91 per cent of 66,752 detached homes surveyed within the city had assessed values of at least $1-million on July 1, 2015, and prices have jumped at least 10 per cent since then, according to researcher Andy Yan. that the proportion of detached properties assessed at $1-million or more was 65 per cent on July 1, 2014. read more