New loyalty scheme rewards you for going to the pub

  • More than 300 pubs across the UK will reward you with points and discounts 
  • Earn Ice points on top of other loyalty schemes such as Avios and Clubcard 
  • There’s also money off to be had from M&S, John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe 

There’s a new loyalty programme in town rewarding people for their credit card spending – even down the local pub.

It goes by the name of Ice and is an add-on that can be used with any registered MasterCard in more than 300 pubs across the country – and with shops on and offline, leisure companies and financial services providers. read more

Why your car loan could prevent you getting a credit card

  • Debra, 56, turned down because she had a loan for her £26,000 Mini Cooper S
  • Car finance is booming with drivers borrowing a record £31.6bn last year
  • But drivers may run into trouble if they want a card, loan or even a mortgage

A bank customer with an exemplary borrowing record has been turned down for a credit card by her bank because she had taken out a car loan.

Debra Westowski was told by her bank, Santander, that she couldn’t have a credit card even though she had paid off her mortgage and had a good income. read more

Small Business Saturday’s back: get £5 off your Amex bill

  • Spend £10 or more on your Amex credit card and get £5 back for each participating store you support 
  • Cashback on offer for purchases made between 2 and 17 December
  • Full list of local authorities offering free parking below 

It’s Small Business Saturday tomorrow – a day that celebrates the best our independent shops and firms have to offer.

And with the day being promoted by American Express, those with a card can benefit. 

Stock up on Christmas presents from local independent shops this weekend and you’ll get £5 off your Amex bill for each one you support. read more

Is the death of the airline credit card on the horizon?

  • 75% of the UK’s airline credit card line up has now been wiped out
  • Move is all down to new rules around the ‘interchange fees’ – we explain what happened and why 

MBNA has withdrawn eight of its airline rewards credit cards, including its Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and American Airlines cards, leaving slim pickings for anyone looking to use their credit card spending to earn free flights and ticket upgrades.

The move wipes out 75 per cent of the UK’s airline credit card line up – leaving just the Avios rewards cards from Lloyds and American Express and one from Flybe.   read more

The firms that charge you to pay by credit card shamed

  • Firms have got until January 13 to get rid of so-called credit card surcharges
  • Some firms are hanging on until the last moment to make the changes
  • Among the offenders are TUI, Ryanair, Centre Parcs and Ealing Council

Dozens of travel companies, insurers, car dealers and even local councils are charging rip-off fees for paying by credit card – even though the Government says this is unacceptable.

A Money Mail investigation found customers are having to fork out as much as 3 per cent extra to pay by credit card. read more

Lloyds Avios credit card customers report surge in fraud

  • Dozens have reported fraud on their Lloyds Bank Avios Amex card
  • Industry expert is urging those who hold the card to check statements
  • Many of the fraudulent payments have been made in the US 

Britons who have a Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card have been urged by an industry expert to check their statements after reports of a string of fraudulent activity.

Rob Burgess, founder of credit card website Head for Points, had a spate of people contact him after seeing fraudulent transactions appear on their statements. read more

How to get out of debt: 5 tricks to get back in the black

  • About 13m people are just about surviving financially, the City regulator reckons 
  • Rising interest rates and high inflation eats away at your spending money
  • Save thousands by clearing credit cards and adding the debt to your home loan

In the red? Our five tricks will help you dig yourself out of debt

Far more of us are struggling with mounting debts than we are prepared to let on.

About 13 million people are just about surviving financially, the City regulator reckons — and they need to act now to stop matters getting even worse. read more