How e-transfers are ousting Newspaper cheques

The surging popularity of e-transfers could soon cancel the newspaper cheque’s standing as our favorite way to send cash.

The cheque as we know it has existed for 300 years, while the Interac e-transfer dates back 15 years. But recent trends suggest e-transfers could overtake cheques in popularity in a couple of years. A pair of new features to create e-transfers more convenient could accelerate the procedure. read more

The firms that charge you to pay by credit card shamed

  • Firms have got until January 13 to get rid of so-called credit card surcharges
  • Some firms are hanging on until the last moment to make the changes
  • Among the offenders are TUI, Ryanair, Centre Parcs and Ealing Council

Dozens of travel companies, insurers, car dealers and even local councils are charging rip-off fees for paying by credit card – even though the Government says this is unacceptable.

A Money Mail investigation found customers are having to fork out as much as 3 per cent extra to pay by credit card. read more

Can the government save the middle-class wannabe homeowner in Toronto and Vancouver?

With a new national housing plan coming imminently, let’s catch up on what the recent ups and downs in Canada’s most expensive real estate markets imply for affordability.

Remember that the Paul Simon tune Slip Slidin’ Away? That is your life if you are not a high earner and seeking to afford a house. Toronto and Vancouver are cheaper than they were two decades back, and Victoria and Hamilton are alike. Elsewhere, the information is quite a little better. read more

What it means if you have Not started saving by 30

Let’s get right to the point — it means nothing if somebody has attained age 30 and not started to save money for the future.

A U.S. personal finance expert recently when she suggested that individuals should plan to have their yearly salary saved by the time they are 30, three times their wages at 40, six times at 50, eight times by 60 and 10 times by retirement. The answer from some young adults was amused skepticism. A whole lot of them would be to get their careers going and do not find themselves able to save that much by 30. read more

Lloyds Avios credit card customers report surge in fraud

  • Dozens have reported fraud on their Lloyds Bank Avios Amex card
  • Industry expert is urging those who hold the card to check statements
  • Many of the fraudulent payments have been made in the US 

Britons who have a Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card have been urged by an industry expert to check their statements after reports of a string of fraudulent activity.

Rob Burgess, founder of credit card website Head for Points, had a spate of people contact him after seeing fraudulent transactions appear on their statements. read more

Worried your presale condo may be cancelled? Research the developer first

With a sigh and hesitant pause, Jason Paris confides that in retrospect he wishes he’d done more research before putting down a deposit on the now-defunct Museum FLTS condominium project in Toronto’s trendy Junction Triangle area.

The 43-year-old television production manager is one of hundreds of would-be homeowners who recently had their money returned and dreams dashed when the building’s developer, Castlepoint Numa, cited lengthy delays obtaining the necessary approvals, building permits and financing, as reasons for the halt. read more

Toronto, Vancouver housing markets move in Radically different directions

Canada’s two most expensive housing markets have moved in various directions over the last year, leaving average domestic sales with a look of comparative stability that pushes sharp regional differences.

Greater Toronto Area home sales dropped 27 percent in October compared with a year earlier, while Greater Vancouver saw home sales climb 35 percent in October on an yearly basis, according to data released Wednesday by the Canadian Real Estate Association. read more

How to get out of debt: 5 tricks to get back in the black

  • About 13m people are just about surviving financially, the City regulator reckons 
  • Rising interest rates and high inflation eats away at your spending money
  • Save thousands by clearing credit cards and adding the debt to your home loan

In the red? Our five tricks will help you dig yourself out of debt

Far more of us are struggling with mounting debts than we are prepared to let on.

About 13 million people are just about surviving financially, the City regulator reckons — and they need to act now to stop matters getting even worse. read more