Vancouver-area home flipping leads to call for inquiry

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A Vancouver MLA is demanding that the B.C. government appoint an independent investigator to hold an inquiry into how the real estate industry is regulated after outlined a technique in which Vancouver-area properties flip one or more times before a deal closes. read more

Broke but want to stay fit? Four free or cheap ways to work out

Small Change is a series of stories that show how consumers can save money by making minor or incremental changes to their lifestyle.

In the spring of 2012, I broke my ankle. For obvious reasons, this was not a good thing. I was living in a basement apartment with steep stairs not amenable to crutches. And I walked to work, too, making my normally 20-minute commute a complete drain. But I got over those things. What really killed me was that I couldn’t run. read more

Young home buyer’s dilemma: Swanky condo vs. blah semi

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By Rob Carrick

Hey there, everyone. Welcome to the redesigned Carrick on Money  newsletter, where I round up the best online personal finance content and deliver it to your inbox. Let’s jump right into a topic that obsesses me and a lot of Globe and Mail readers. It’s real estate. Once a no-brainer purchase for families, homes are now something you have to plot, strategize and agonize over before buying. When it comes to home ownership, I love hearing what people are saying and doing. read more

Say goodbye to fee-free TFSAs

The financial industry has officially stopped babying the tax-free savings account.

On March 1, Toronto-Dominion Bank will become the last of the big banks to introduce a fee to transfer a TFSA held at one of its branches to another financial company. The price of freedom is $75 plus tax for clients with TD Canada Trust TFSAs. read more

M&S Bank slashes personal loan rates to as low as 3.3% Loans Of The Week | Daily Mail

  • Rates at record low for those borrowing between £7,500 and £15,000
  • Loan size fits those buying cars and doing home improvements
  • Personal loans are cheaper than some mortgage deals

Personal loan rates have fallen to the lowest ever recorded after M&S Bank cut the interest it charges on loans between £7,500 and £15,000 to just 3.3 per cent.

The reduced rate on loans repayable over five years is the lowest seen since records began in 2004, according to read more

How to make sure you don’t become one of the 2,500 cashpoint fraud victims

Millions of pounds every year are stolen from people using cash machines. The Mail on Sunday shows you how to fight back against the scourge of cashpoint fraudsters.

Last November, Sophie How paid £400 into a cash machine at her local Santander bank. Moments after making the deposit, the person behind her in the queue withdrew £300 from her account, the maximum allowed on her card. read more

Vancouver’s million-dollar housing divide shifts eastward

The Vancouver real estate market is being blanketed by a record rate of single-family detached houses assessed at $1-million or higher.

More than 91 per cent of 66,752 detached homes surveyed within the city had assessed values of at least $1-million on July 1, 2015, and prices have jumped at least 10 per cent since then, according to researcher Andy Yan. that the proportion of detached properties assessed at $1-million or more was 65 per cent on July 1, 2014. read more